From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
From Within: Unlock Your Next Level
Retreats for Emerging Female Leaders

From Within: Unlock Your Next Level

Tailored for emerging female talents as an accelerator for career and life advancement



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  • Luxuriöses Einzelzimmer, inklusive eigenem Bad
  • Alle Mahlzeiten und alkoholfreien Getränke
  • Retreat Arbeitsmaterialien

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Exploratives und Individualisiertes Lernen

Exceptional Professional-Level Personal Development
100% Tailored to Your Needs
Work at an Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical Level
Unique Castle Ambiance
Deep Networking Opportunities with Fellow Participants
Neurobiological Foundation

Nachhaltiges Konzept mit 7 Bausteinen

Das Programm

A well-founded scientific observation forms the basis for our retreats, including here. We apply neurobiological approaches and the latest findings from research into our brain and human psychophysiology in different ways throughout the week. 

We start by looking “inside” and begin with an individual neurobiological analysis of your personality. In the second step, your findings are integrated “outside”, i.e. we look at the effects on your various roles in (working) life, your leadership behavior, your leadership strategy and your appearance. In a protected space and in exchange with your female peers, you will work on concrete solutions to your challenges.

It's not about making a new person out of you, but rather about allowing your personality to fully blossom with guided, professional support.

  • Tag 1 - Self-knowledge and authenticity in everyday (management) life: Lots of self-reflection and deep understanding of your individual drivers, motives and super resources; Increasing your natural authenticity. 
  • Tag 2 - Beliefs, saboteurs, purpose: Deep insights into your beliefs, saboteurs and life goals; Acceptance and development of self-efficacy
  • Tag 3 - Self-image of leadership, leadership roles and behavior, communication: exploring your leadership and power caliber; testing your power character; deep behavior and communication analysis 
  • Tag 4: Authentic leadership strategies and conflict management: What does authentic behavior mean to you and how can you develop it in everyday (business) life; Simulation and analysis of your conflict behavior. 
  • Tag 5 - Balance and resilience: Deep consideration of your psychophysical stability; Activation of your inner resources; Process work to find your resilience and balance
  • Tag 6 - Appearance and impact: consideration of your appearance and your effect on others; Developing more fun, ease and self-confidence for your performances.

You can find the complete process here.

The retreats last six days and take place on the beautiful Tunzenberg Castle in Lower Bavaria instead of. We start on Monday at 11 a.m. and end the retreat on Saturday at 4 p.m.


For all women who are eager to accelerate their lives

This retreat is expertly crafted for female executives with a promising career trajectory. It's designed for women who are eager to explore profound questions about life planning, their profession, career advancement, and their overall environment, all while taking proactive steps to enhance their personal and professional development through self-reflection and empowerment.

Typische Gründe warum unsere Kundinnen an unserem Retreat teilnehmen.

Ambition, determination, and enthusiasm are important qualities of a leader, among many others. You've undoubtedly already made a significant impact in your environment and successfully handled challenging situations. However, you may not always feel completely secure. Some challenging situations may trouble you, and certain conflicts may seem difficult to resolve. At times, you may feel stressed, perhaps even burnt out, uncertain, and isolated.

In such moments, questions arise that you can't answer on your own. 'What truly makes me happy?' 'What aligns with me, where can I generate real impact without overextending?' 'Where are my strengths, and how can I fully leverage them?' 'What should my future life look like?' 'Am I doing the right thing?' 'How does family planning fit into the picture now?'

If you're a young woman or a rising talent who encounters such moments occasionally, you've discovered a welcoming community of like-minded peers at our Female Talents Retreat.

Was Du aus unserem Retreat mitnimmst.

  • Develop a profound insight into your own personality, beliefs, self-sabotaging tendencies, and life aspirations.
  • Develop sovereign, forward-thinking behaviors in the areas of leadership, power, conflict, and novel approaches
  • Create clear strategies to optimize your resources and find a better, more suitable life balance for yourself
  • Craft a distinct vision of your future self in both your professional and personal life, and attain a clear understanding of what you should release to achieve a sense of lightness and freedom'

Was "From Within: Unlock Your Next Level" so besonders macht

  • No standardized leadership knowledge, but tailored to the needs in your environment
  • We combine top-notch education and methods with rich life and leadership experience
  • A blend of theoretical concepts with a lot of exploration and actions that lead to immediate application
  • We let you experiment individually and in teams outside of your comfort zone - you're 'with yourself, for yourself, among others'
  • We provide a safe space for learning as a unique place for growth
  • Building deep, authentic connections with other participants, free from judgment

Wie funktioniert die Anmeldung und was passiert danach?

Schritt 1

If you have any questions or would like to receive guidance on whether the retreat aligns with your needs, please don't hesitate to email us at, you can make an online booking here.

Schritt 2

If you would like to propose participation in this retreat to a colleague in your company, please feel free to reach out to us. Many of our participants choose to book this event as part of their corporate training.

Schritt 3

Upon registration, you will be granted access to our community platform and app..

Schritt 4

Prior to the retreat, you will receive comprehensive information about the event through our Community and Event Platform and App, including logistics, pre-meeting dial-in details, the online challenges, and more. This will also be an opportunity to start engaging and getting to know your fellow participants.

Schritt 5

After successfully completing the retreat, you will gain access to our exclusive cross-program Female Power Circle Community

Schritt 6

About four weeks after the retreat, we will conduct a group coaching session as part of a collective conference call with all participants.

"Frauen von heute warten nicht auf das Wunderbare - sie inszenieren ihre Wunder selbst."

Katharine Hepburn

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