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The role of women in the world of work has changed in recent years. There is more Women in leadership positions. It is still evident that the management level is in many cases represented by men. This is by no means due to the lack of qualifications or ability of women to lead teams or entire companies.

The male-dominated world is a traditionally created legacy that does not simply disappear from one day to the next. You can break through it if you convince with your skills and your demeanor. This includes knowing who you are, what drives you in life and career, and what you need and want to achieve.

Training for managers - specially designed for women

Not only the managers themselves, but also the management trainers are often male. We regularly hear from our clients that they feel more comfortable in an all-female environment to discuss these deep topics about themselves, their lives and their careers. This includes our trainers and coaches.

If you would like to complete leadership training, you can choose a workshop that is offered by women for women. This is an approach that is new and very successful. You can take these advantages with you:

  • A training by women for women
  • Experienced coaches from various professional areas
  • Scientifically based training program specifically designed for women
  • Holistic approach to increasing self-confidence and preparing for various tasks
  • Individual support for each participant

The leadership training is carried out by women who are successful themselves and report on their experiences. At the same time, they show you how you can succeed in leading a successful and fulfilling career as a manager.

  • Tailored specifically for women

  • Empowerment & self-confidence

  • Individual coaching & support

Who will be?

Dr. Maria Meiler & Caroline Höllein- We share a passion for supporting great women with their unique strengths and talents on their journey. Our Female Power Retreats are about you, our heroine.

We don't fit into any box, because we have reinvented ourselves several times in life and tried out a wide variety of paths for ourselves - leaving some and successfully pursuing others with a lot of courage. What sets us apart is our ability to identify the causes and connections of challenges in business and to focus on people and their needs.

We are united by the desire for challenges, new experiences and the effervescence of life. At the same time, we seek depth, peace and valuable human connections. We question ourselves, the world and our purpose in this life. 

  • Senior Female Leadership

    Our live retreats for established women who want to make even more of their successful lives

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  • Female Talents

    Our live retreat for aspiring female talents to boost their careers and lives

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  • Negotiation training

    The live & online training for women who want to gain a deep understanding of the topic of negotiation and develop their own, successful style

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Leadership training for women - these are the special features

Women usually have different needs than men in working life. Women's leadership behavior is often different from that of their male colleagues. Male leadership coaches often work with the fundamentals passed down in the male-dominated world. These are not tailored to leadership work, which differs between women and men.

Special offers for women

You can take advantage of training that specifically tailored to women is. The special thing about this training is the changed focus of the content. The focus is not only on the nature of the woman, which differs fundamentally from that of a man. The management workshop also includes topics that include the compatibility of work and family. And we tailor our leadership training to the individual questions of the participants.

Unfortunately, there are still prejudices against women in leadership positions. You will learn how to counteract these prejudices and how to assert yourself in a man's world. In the Leadership Training You will also learn how to deal with male colleagues and what you can do for your individual self-marketing.

Leadership training for women is ideal if you want to start new work and gain self-efficacy in order to tackle new tasks and fulfill them perfectly.

Discover your individual potential through targeted leadership training for women

TheTraining for female managersworks with special content developed by women for women. Your executive trainer is female and has experience working as a manager herself. You will get these experiences. You work with other women on new strategies that will help you assert yourself in a position at the top. As a participant in such leadership training, you have the opportunity to recognize your personal strengths and develop them effectively.

The focus is on training self-efficacy. This is a basic need for every person and necessary in order to assert themselves effectively in the new role. The leadership training is ideal for all women who can do more but don't dare to advance their own career.

Through the content from theExecutive workshopYou build self-confidence, which can also be of great help to you in your private life. Through targeted leadership training you will discover your individual potential. With this you can advance your career but also assert yourself better in your private life.

  • Female Power Intensive

    In this intensive live retreat, we offer you the content of the three individual retreats in an "all-in-one" format. The content is comparable to the three individual retreats, just a little compressed.

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  • Female Talents Empowerment

    This retreat is aimed at women with clear leadership aspirations. At the same time, it is often difficult to meet this requirement in your daily activities.

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  • Negotiating Your Way - Verhandlungstraining

    This training module for powerful women is about negotiation - a topic that combines power, emotions, logic and attitude.

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Connect with like-minded people and expand your network

The Leadership training specifically for women is much more than just a workshop. It gives you the opportunity to network with other successful and committed women. By taking part in the training for managers you have the opportunity to make new contacts. But that is not all. You build a network in which you can learn from experienced women. The network gives you courage and inspiration for your own development towards new professional opportunities.

It is important for you to know that a career and a new start are not tied to a specific age. Even if you already have a lot of professional experience, you can benefit from management training. Professional success in the future is linked to many conditions. One of them is to understand yourself really well and honestly acknowledge your own personality drivers. Through the individual exchange you will gain irreplaceable experiences that will help you in any case.

  • Linda Gesterkamp


    “The Female Power Retreat managed to give me back my humor and lightness, without me previously knowing how much I was missing them. It gave me back a piece of my personality and taught me to use it for myself in everyday situations. You can feel a strong energy that gives me lasting warmth and confidence for my daily activities. The retreat managed to give me an inner compass that shows me the swings of my happiness and lets me control them.”

  • Veronika Pagacz


    “In their four-day leadership retreat, Caroline and Maria managed to challenge me on the one hand to overcome my personal limitations, while at the same time strengthening me and opening up new perspectives. Each in their own individual, empathetic and inspiring way, based on scientific findings, an inexhaustible wealth of experience from the entrepreneurial world and sound coaching skills. I can only warmly recommend the Female Power Retreats to every manager and every entrepreneur who wants to develop personally, maybe also push their own boundaries and grow beyond themselves - and don't want to miss out on lightness and humor at the same time."

  • Andrea Leitner


    “I found the entire program in its many facets to be very exciting and “eye-opening” - starting with the intensive process work, the disclosure and processing of my beliefs and the deep insights into the topic of “performing and working”. I initially found the emotional opening in the group to be hard, but the special place, the openness, freedom from judgment and positive energy of the other power women, as well as the empathetic and supportive support from Maria and Caroline, enabled me to go beyond my own limits to recognize new options and create real changes. My conclusion: Life changing – if you are open to it and get involved with it!”

  • Jutta Horstmann


    “Maria and Caroline bring a unique mix of scientifically based knowledge and entrepreneurial experience. Paired with certified coaching skills and a lot of warmth, this creates the magical formula for a transformative experience at your retreats. After the retreat, I felt like I had fallen into a magic potion of positive reinforcement and appreciation. Very strengthened and energized, but also more balanced and more at peace within myself. A big thank you to the coaches and the amazing participants who helped me grow.”

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frequently asked Questions

What exactly is leadership training and why should I take part in it?

Managers must have a variety of skills. This includes the ability to lead others, but also the planning of comprehensive projects and team building. Creativity and versatility are just as important as a self-confident appearance and extensive specialist knowledge. In addition to your professional experience, you can acquire all of these skills in a management training course.

How does leadership training for women differ from traditional leadership training?

Do you sometimes feel ignored and not taken seriously in everyday life and at work? Then our career coaching for women is your chance to gain more self-confidence and find your own balance. This is the foundation for leadership qualities and therefore for the career that you already have in your dreams and that can become reality. Every woman can benefit greatly from female coaching.

How do I benefit in the long term from leadership training in my professional and private life?

Leadership training specifically prepares you for the requirements that managers face in the modern working world. Those who master these challenges well will not only make good progress on the career ladder: you will also benefit in your private life from the content that is taught to you in the management workshop. Strengths such as self-confidence and the ability to make good decisions are beneficial in all areas of life.

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