Negotiate Your Way
Negotiate Your Way
Negotiate Your Way
Negotiate Your Way
Negotiate Your Way
Negotiate Your Way
Negotiate Your Way
Negotiate Your Way
Negotiation Training Tailored to Your Personality

Negotiate Your Way

Successful Negotiation - In Your Own Unique Way


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Exploratives und Individualisiertes Lernen

Utmost Professional Level
For Everyday Use
Empowerment for Every Leader
100% Tailored to Your Needs
Neurobiological Foundation
Participation Without Prior Knowledge Possible

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Das Programm

This program is tailored for influential women, honing in on negotiation by blending power, emotion, logic, and attitude. Participants will directly apply lessons to real-life situations alongside peers during the training:

  • Creating a basic understanding: What is a negotiation? What building blocks are inherent in a negotiation? What does “power” mean in a negotiation - what parameters do I consider for this?  
  • Illuminate the important negotiation concepts and their profound differences in practice, especially in relation to attitude and behavior
  • Emotions and negotiation: What role do they play and what options do I have to deal with them?
  • Negotiation patterns and strategies, procedures and typical questions
  • Your personality (neurobiological driver model) and you as a negotiation type: How do both strategically work in your favor and against you? (you will take a test that you will receive from us in advance)
  • Communication and typical “protocols” paired with practical tips and tricks

The training is designed for two days and runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Participation can take place either live on site in Munich (exact location TBD) or digitally. We would also be happy to provide you with suggestions for nearby hotels around the event location in Munich.

For every woman looking to discover her own negotiation power.

This training module is tailored for women who have been unsatisfied with their previous negotiation experiences and outcomes. Its purpose is to offer a profound comprehension of negotiation and support participants in cultivating their unique and effective negotiation approach.

Typische Gründe Warum unsere Kundinnen an unserem Training teilnehmen

Maintaining a clear mindset and navigating negotiations effectively can be quite challenging. Common fears often stem from questioning whether we permit ourselves to assert our position, and whether the other party might perceive us as presumptuous. We also grapple with worries about potentially jeopardizing valuable business partnerships or essential relationships due to concerns of appearing overly assertive. Conversely, a range of emotions can surface as we contemplate the possibility of being taken advantage of. In only a few instances, individuals, including both women and men, are content with their negotiation behavior and the resulting outcomes.

This is where our training program plays a crucial role. Our goal is to offer clarity and foster a profound, comprehensive understanding of the subject of negotiation.

Was Du aus unserem Training mitnimmst.

  • Comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the subject of negotiation.
  • Your individual power approach for negotiation situations.
  • Your authentic power, translated into practical behavior and a fitting attitude for various negotiation scenarios.
  • Individual self-awareness in the context of negotiations to assess situations well and develop the appropriate strategy afterward.

Was Negotiate Your Way so besonders macht

  • No lectures; the emphasis is on practical application and practice.
  • We encourage you to experiment individually and in teams outside of your comfort zone.
  • A blend of theoretical concepts and hands-on practice based on your specific negotiation scenarios.
  • Support through feedback loops, learning iterations, and jointly developed recommendations.
  • Optional: individual video analysis of your negotiation situations.
  • Creation of your personal and highly individual action plan for your top five negotiations.

Wie funktioniert die Anmeldung und was passiert danach?

Schritt 1

If you have any questions or would like to receive guidance on whether the retreat aligns with your needs, please don't hesitate to email us at, you can make an online booking here.

Schritt 2

If you're ready to join us, you can register for the retreat online here

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Upon registration, you will be granted access to our community platform and app..

Schritt 4

Prior to the retreat, you will receive comprehensive information about the event through our Community and Event Platform and App, including logistics, pre-meeting dial-in details, the online challenges, and more. This will also be an opportunity to start engaging and getting to know your fellow participants.

Schritt 5

After successfully completing the retreat, you will gain access to our exclusive cross-program Female Power Circle Community

Schritt 6

About four weeks after the retreat, we will conduct a refresher session as part of a collective conference call with all participants.

"Ich bin meine eigene Muse. Ich bin die Person, die ich am Besten kenne. Die Person, die ich am meisten ausmalen möchte."

Frida Kahlo

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