From Within: Shine Brighter than ever

Day 1 - Self-knowledge and authenticity in everyday (leadership) life

Our first day has the theme “Self-knowledge and Authenticity in everyday (management) life”:

The focus of the first day is very much on arriving at you and moving from a driven “doing” mode to a receptive and open “being” mode. As part of several exercises, you will share with your peers who you really are and what defines you - with all of your wonderful facets. You will also find out how you affect your peers and what they perceive about you.

We start with an individual neurobiological analysis of your individual personality. You will learn the ability to assess people according to their driver profile and to apply this to yourself in exchange with your peers in the course. This structured observation will give you new perspectives on yourself and your environment and open up new spaces for more authenticity.

Based on your driver profile, we give you a lot of input for your psychophysiological stability. We develop a practicable plan for your balance in everyday life (being vs. doing) with the aim of reducing stress and confidently mastering even critical situations with a cool head.

What's waiting for you:

  • Getting to know your peers honestly on the basis of “Who am I?” and less “What do I do?”
  • Neurobiological analysis: Deep understanding of your individual drivers, motives and super resources
  • Development of your driver model and the associated emotions and behaviors in yourself and in your dealings with others
  • Lots of self-reflection and “AHA” moments, increasing your natural authenticity 

Day 2 - Integrity: Into visibility

Our second day has the theme “Integrity - Purely into visibility”.

On this day we take up your cognitive insights from the first day about you, your drivers and motives and deepen them on an emotional level.

You will gain essential insights into deeply anchored beliefs in order to create transparency about what strengthens you as a person, including in your leadership role, and what hinders you. We deal with your negative thought patterns, your “saboteurs”, which prevent you from achieving your goals through unconscious self-manipulation.

Together with your peers you will discover your “life purpose”. You will come into contact with the impact you can have when you are “on purpose” and in resonance with yourself, detached from external conditioning and expectations.

In deep process work in couples, you will integrate what you have learned into your system and thereby initiate deep acceptance and change - on a cognitive and emotional level.

What's waiting for you:

  • Deep insights into your beliefs and saboteurs
  • Discovering your “life purpose” with tangible goals
  • Integrity: Acceptance and development of a self-effective way of dealing with your beliefs and saboteurs
  • Developing confident, forward-looking paths and opening up new approaches to the important topics in your life
  • Development of supportive affirmations and initial commitments to yourself

Day 3 - Sovereignty and desire for power

On our third day the topic is “sovereignty and Lust for power" in focus.

We look at the topic of power and the claim to power from a female perspective. To do this, we focus on the structural properties and manifestations of power. You will visibly explore your “power character” in a guided, technically sound manner and develop strategies to apply this confidently and authentically.

On this day you will be introduced to the topic of “negotiation” - a topic that combines power, emotions, logic and attitude. You will develop a basic understanding of the topic and learn to recognize your individual power path for negotiation situations, independent of your beliefs and concerns, to translate your authentic power into practical behavior and to adopt an attitude that is right for you in such moments.

We also use a technique that makes it possible to track down inner parts and get to know your “inner team”. Using the psychological model of transactional analysis, we will take a close look at you, your leadership personality and the specific relationships in your daily (working) life.

What's waiting for you:

  • Exploring your leadership and power caliber
  • Playfully testing out your power character through verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Illuminate important negotiation concepts, patterns and strategies, procedures and typical questions
  • Development of your individual negotiation type based on your personality (neurobiological driver model)
  • Testing negotiation situations in teams and individually
  • Development of your “inner team” and its impact on your leadership personality and communication

Day 4 - Appearance and impact

Our fourth day is all about the topic “Appear and Works”.

Today we let your authenticity fully unfold on the outside. We talk about your appearance and how it reflects and underpins your inner self. With our professional support, you will learn to reveal sides that you have not yet shown and perhaps do not want to show.

Both methods from embodiment and findings on a neurobiological basis help here. You will slip into different roles and experiment with your appearance accordingly. Your peers and we as experts provide intensive feedback. You will leave your comfort zone and experience leadership in a completely new way in order to draw the right conclusions and derive an appropriate level of changed demeanor for different situations.

Playing is an important tool that you will learn in a new, everyday way. This new lightness will support you in becoming more precise and clear in your (non)verbal communication.

To be clear: It's not about looks or fashion, it's about appearance and impact. You will receive valuable guidance and “loving criticism” from us in order to be able to significantly expand your repertoire. Role-playing games and video analyzes (if you want) will illustrate this exactly (“Before & After”). We demand a lot from you in order to master challenging situations ("The Valley of Tears") in this safe space with your peers.

At the end of our retreat, you will set a clear vision for yourself and your (working) life and develop the necessary commitments for this. You will also consciously decide which things you need to let go of in your current life in order to live more easily and “on purpose”. You team up with a commitment partner who will be at your side as your future core soul sister. And you on hers. You will also become part of our “Female Power Circle”, our cross-retreat community. 

What's waiting for you:

  • Consideration of your appearance and your effect on others on a neurobiological basis
  • Enlivening the “designer in you”: stimulating your creativity and playful streak for change externally and internally
  • Developing more fun, ease and self-confidence for your performances
  • Working out do’s and don’ts for your performances
  • You today and tomorrow: visioning your future self in work and private life; consciously letting go and living
  • Development of a clear maneuver plan and formulation of the necessary commitment
  • Forming commitment partnerships with your heart soul sisters